Nature and Nearby

Valmarecchia offers a very rich and wonderful background to our structure.
The historical nearby small villages are not to be missed: San Leo with Cagliostro Castle, Pennabilli with the Forgotten Fruits Garden of Tonino Guerra, Petrella Guidi with the memorial tablet for Federico Fellini and Giulietta Masina, Talamello and its precious “Formaggio di fossa”, Sant’Agata Feltria with the international truffle Fair, just to mention the most famous ones.
In a really short distance you’ll also find Repubblica di San Marino and its towers, Verucchio, Santarcangelo, Torriana and Montebello with the famous Azzurrina Castle. All these places maintain their antique charm and have a great historical and cultural value and they’re not to be missed along your trip.
For people who love nature, fond of trekking or mountain bike, we suggest and organize guided routes along Sasso Simone e Simoncello park and in all the nearby area.
Moreover from Corte del Sasso starts a way inside the wood that will lead the most courageous to reach Monte Pincio peak to enjoy the beautiful landscape of this area.
For further informations: Parco Simone - Montefeltro Vedute Rinascimentali - Valmarecchia Turismo